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Frequently Asked Questions

New Security Regulations:
Q: Do I have to disclose my client's telephone number, passport number?
A: Under new security regulations, passenger must supply Passport number and telephone contact within 14 days of reservations or before departure whichever comes first.

General Questions:
Q: Do the tickets show a price?
A: The large majority of net fare tickets show no amounts other than the taxes collected. However, a very few airlines require tickets to show the published fare for the fare basis used. The price paid by your client is always lower then the amount shown.

Q: Can my client contact SkyLink and obtain a price quote?
A: No. SkyLink deals exclusively with Travel Agents

Q: Can my client access the reservation through the Web once he has the ticket and see the transaction details?
A: No. SkyLinks bars client access to the reservation. The only way to get detains is through the Travel Agency although flight reconfirmation and times may be obtained through the airline reservations office.

Q: Can I pay by check?
A: Yes. Agency checks are accepted

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes! Most airlines accept credit cards for net fares however the below airlines have the following surcharges and minimums: 3% cc fee on OA, MS, SV & 3% cc fee on all tickets over $800 on: DL, UA, HP, NW.

Q: What documentation is required for Credit Card payment?
A: Credit card Authorization signed by the passenger plus proof of identity.

Q: Can I use a third party Credit Card?
A: No. The Credit Card holder must be in the traveling party.

Q: Can I use my own (Travel Agency) Credit card to pay for my client?
A: No. The Credit Card holder must be in the traveling party.

Q: Where do I fax the Authorization form?
A: Fax the documents to 416-922-1003 - For Eastern Canada & 604-263-5133 For Western Canada

Q: When do I get my commission check?
A: Within 48-hours.

Q: Are the tickets restricted?
A: Yes. All tickets are restricted and carry a cancellation fee as per each carrier . Some may be non refundable. Make sure you consult the rules associated with each rate before committing to a transaction.

Q: Is there a penalty if I need to change a ticket?
A: SkyLink Canada does charge a service fee to re-issue a ticket. Re-issues will be subject to the fees as per each airline carrier and applicable administrative fees, if the tickets are to be refunded, SkyLink Canada will charge a $50 refund fee.

Q: Do my clients need to follow special check-in rules?
A: No. Your clients shall keep in mind that due to current security measures implimented since 09/11 airlines require a minimum of one (2) hours before departure for domestic check-in and at least 3-hours for international check-in.

Q: Do my clients have luggage limitations?
A: Yes. Most airlines limit the number of pieces to two (2) checked and one (1) carry-on. .However this may change depending on airline requirements Please check with each individual airline before counseling your passengers

Mileage Programs:
Q: Do these tickets qualify for mileage programs as normal tickets do?
A: Yes. Your clients may accumulate mileage if they are already enrolled or may join a new mileage program at the time of check-in.

Q: Can accumulated mileage be used to buy a consolidated ticket?
A: No. Accumulated miles are redeemable through the airline only.

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